Toddler Care Programme


As the child becomes a toddler, their curiosity to explore the world around them becomes limitless. She needs much to do! She is more inquisitive and active because she is far more aware of the environment.

Each day at Sandbox is packed with exciting and stimulating activities for our toddlers to support their natural desire to push boundaries. Along with the early learning and child psychology experts, we have designed a curriculum focusing on all round development of our children. This curriculum encompasses a wide range of age appropriate activities in 5 different development domains – physical, cognitive, creative, socio-emotional and language development. We lay a special attention on making the child independent by introducing activities focusing on practical life skills. Simple activities like wearing shoes on their own, self-feeding boost the sense of achievement and confidence levels of the child. We maintain an adult to child ratio of 1:5 to ensure each child is given proper attention.

Through our flexible day care programme we are trying to build a reliable support structure for working parents. You can choose a routine at Sandbox for our little one which suits your working hours. We operate from 8 am to 8 pm, Monday to Saturday. Sandbox team will be available throughout the year with very few holidays.