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Education Partner – Eklavya School

Sandbox is supported by Eklavya School (www.eklavya.org), Ahmedabad, founded by Prof. Sunil Handa from IIM Ahmedabad. It is currently ranked 1st in Gujarat and 13th in India.

Our Philosophy

The story of the modern Indian Household is that of nuclear families – kids residing with their parents – with the parents involved in their professional commitments. This is a necessary condition of modern urban society, one which has the potential to adversely affect children during their infancy.

The brains of children develop to the extent of 90% during the first 5 years of life. During these years, the basic capabilities of the brain, like language, cognitive abilities are developed. Not only this, even the predisposition of the child to mental ailments, and other personality traits are determined. Hence, this stage of childhood, despite being undervalued, is extremely important, whose value and importance can’t possibly be overstated.

We are on a mission, one that provides every child the care, attention, and scientifically accredited stimulation that they require. We envision a future when we can partner with parents to help provide each and every child with a learning environment that helps grow them physically, and mentally; develop the cognitive, socio-emotional, language, and communication skills to excel in life, and reach their full potential. We look for a collaborative partnership with parents, one that doesn’t compromise on the time, effort, and care required by their children, yet which also keeps in mind the professional engagement of the parents.

In short, we want what you want for your child. A happy, colorful, and stimulating childhood; after all, your child deserves that…

Our Learning Approach

Sandbox targets a learning environment for the child that is conducive to the holistic development of the child. We have a systematic, and scientifically devised curriculum that focuses on different developmental aspects of the child like Cognitive, Socio-Emotive, Language and Literacy, and Physical Development.

We have the policy of treating every child on their own terms, which means that while the broad targets to be met are common for all, we are extremely flexible in evolving our approach according to a child’s need, so as to be able to guide the child towards our goal of holistic development.

Hence, you need to worry no longer about your child’s development. We, in a team effort with you, will make sure that your child meets all developmental goals sooner than later, and is fully equipped for a fruitful and prosperous adulthood.


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